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Welcome to Cries of Battle: THE Battle Chasers Website!

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6/5/99 ::Battle Cries News!::

    You decide the future of Battle Cries!

   Battle Cries! Confused? Don't be- Battle Cries! is the newest phase of Cries of Battle! For the year 2000, the Cries of Battle! team decided that they would release a newer and better version of Cries of Battle! under the name Battle Cries! Now the time has come to decide what the next phase of Battle Cries looks like!  I would like to leave the decision up to the people who are the best judges- the fans!  Please help out Battle Cries by following these steps:

Step 1:  Please check out both version A and version B of Battle Cries!, by clicking on the pictures of Garrison and Knolan above.

Step 2:  Please fill out the following Quizlet to let us know which version of Battle Cries you like best!

Step 3:  If you have any questions or comments about the site layouts, or any suggestions about another layout, please e-mail SriRam23!

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*Thanks for your valuable input!*

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Welcome to Cries of Battle: THE Battle Chasers Website!

   Welcome, one and all, to...Cries of Battle: THE Battle Chasers Website! This website was created and is maintained by me, SriRam23, with help from one of my best friends, NMarzullo, who helps and handles the wording and super killer-cool BC reviews- the best reviews on Earth!   It is dedicated to Battle Chasers, the white-hot and killer new comic book out by the best artist who ever picked up a pencil, Joe Madureira! If you have not read this book, you are missing out on one of life’s greatest pleasures! It is just stupendous! Here you shall find everything you could ever dream of knowing about Battle Chasers! Reviews, previews, character pages, up-to-the-minute news, pictures, and many other interesting places too numerous to list! So come on in, and enjoy your stay at Cries of Battle: THE Battle Chasers Website! And remember, Joe Madureira and Battle Chasers forever!

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